You are very much in love.

You are unique. Your wedding will reflect you. Not anyone else.

You spent your whole lives searching and can't believe you found each other.

You believe Northern California is a destination wedding location, even if you've lived here your whole life.

You appreciate good design, cozy ambiance, and practical things that are beautiful.

You think the sun feels good.

And so does the rain.

You know places of indescribable beauty.

You can't wait to officially come home together, even if you already do.

You know you will treasure and hold each other for the rest of your lives.

It all started with strange smells coming out of the bathroom

When I was a little kid, my camera-obsessed father built a darkroom in our bathroom. Shut doors piqued my interest and sneaking in when no one was looking led to a lifelong passion and obsession for the art of photography and the fascinating stories behind a moment caught on film.

Photography allows me to be a storyteller and an explorer. My goal with every shutter click is to discover the connections and relationships between people and the really interesting story that is told with every wedding, each unique.

I am curious....and still a little kid at heart.

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